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But it’s short-sighted, as the cost to society of involved in every step of her very carefully packaged public image.The cynical ploy for more coverage is all a part of her ‘handlers’ and I’m sure they’ve focus grouped and researched extensively whether it would hurt her fan base or not.’ Jean Kilbourne: First of all, sexual images aren’t meant to sell our children (or us! You’re right, marketing insecurities for profit is nothing new, marketing provocative sayings on childrens’ clothes, skimpy thongs, padded pushup bras, Barbie bustiers and Bratz dolls with cocktails and hot tubs for pre-pubescent kids IS new.We need to help our kids become media literate early and often…Whether it’s walking through the toy aisle, or watching a DVR together and talking about it later.Jean Kilbourne: Performers’ young fans see them as role models, and that’s worrisome because it DOES normalize the climate of sexualization and objectification.When we repeatedly portray young girls as sex objects and entertainment vessels instead of thinking, feeling, competent, individuals, it compromises girls’ sense of self-worth by narrowcasting the options available…

They imitate and model after their media pop star favorites, which is a particular risk since they’re the most vulnerable to marketer’s efforts.

Jean’s Kilbourne’s award-winning films like the focus on the alcohol and tobacco ads that target youth with ever-stealthy ‘lifestyle’ positioning, age compression, and plot point/product placement.

I’ve found they work wonders as ‘aha’ moments and motivators for teens who feel duped and betrayed by the precision of being in marketer’s deliberate crosshairs.

I often sum it up in my documentary work as what happens when “cash registers go ‘ka-ching’ but kids’ psyches go ‘ka-boom”…

It’s easy to see how ‘sensual’ gets tossed under the bus in favor of ‘sexual’ antics in the sensationalized ratings game for profit at all costs.

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